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India Skill Development

Woodworking Trainings Centre all over India

India Skill Development (ISD) is an initiative from a group of mentors, owners, suppliers and the Furniture & Fittings Skill Council. ISD bring all interest in Skill Development in the Woodworking sector together and plan to open Trainings Centres across India.
The requirements of trained employees in the Woodworking Sector is high and the interest from the youngsters is low. However, when we can give the Youth of India perspective, that they can grow in the Woodworking sector, and will participate the Skill Development programs.
Karl B. Zehnder Consulting, Zurich and Mysore coordinate the operation from the India Skill Development Project.

India Skill Development provide Woodworking Trainings Centre across India. The program provides a 3 years Basic Diploma, a 2 years Advanced Diploma and a 1 years Master Diploma. This training scheme according the Dual System of Skill Development in Switzerland give the youths the opportunity to grow in the Woodworking Industry to have jobs with a good salary in the technical section and at least in the Management or Entrepreneurship in a Woodworking Company.

For a quality training according international standards we need a setup well trained Teachers and Training Staff, a Curriculum and Syllabus according the requirement of the Industry and a good setup of machines and infrastructure. When all interest from the owners, machine and consumables suppliers and the Government organisations come together, we can run the training centre’s together easily.
Skill Development is a mission of Society. The Industry need good trained employees, the country will generate more job options. The concept of India Skill Development will generate interesting careers for our youngsters in the Woodworking Sector!

All of the interested people can be supporter for India Skill Development. After Registration you will be given all required information, in what way you can participate and help to fulfil our vision!